Simple and fast customer service platform

Connect with your customers through a lightweight messenger on your website.

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Designed for busy startup founders

Spend less time and money doing customer service.

  • Solo founders

    As a one-person team, your time is invaluable.

    Don't waste it by setting up, learning, and using an overly-complicated tool.

    Letterbase lets you do customer service easier than ever beforeā€”so you can get back to building your company.

  • Bootstrapped startups

    As a bootstrapped startup, you have a limited amount of money.

    Don't pay hundreds of dollars for features you don't even use.

    Letterbase saves you time and money, not wastes it.

  • Early stage companies

    Are you still using a signup form or a mailto link?

    Don't make your customers play "Where's Waldo" trying to find your support email or page.

    Letterbase provides the most convenient way for your users to give you feedback and ask questions.


Everything you need to make your customers happy.

Convenient help portal for your customers

The Letterbase messenger can be installed on your website in minutes.

Any customer that needs help can easily access it and write you a message.

No need for them to dig around for a contact form or email address.

Central base for your customer conversations

Easily view customer conversations and respond to messages.

The app is fast and intuitive to use. No bloat, no unnecessary features, no confusion.

Customer service has never been so effortless.

Stress-free experience for you and your customers

Letterbase makes customer service a delight for you and your customers.

Happy customers stick around longer and spread the word to other people, leading to faster growth.

No more frustration. No more anxiety. Positive feelings all around.

Simple, affordable pricing

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  • 1 user

  • Fast, lightweight messenger

  • Unlimited conversations

  • Priority support

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  • Up to 3 users

  • Fast, lightweight messenger

  • Unlimited conversations

  • Priority support

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Simple and fast customer service platform