Simple, fast, and privacy-friendly customer support messenger

The easiest way for your customers to start an email conversation with you.

  • Lightweight and blazing fast

    The Letterbase messenger is faster and 5-10x lighter than Intercom and other customer support tools.

  • Integrates with your workflow

    To reply to your customers, you use what you're already familiar with: email. No need to learn and use a new tool.

  • Privacy-friendly

    We don't store your conversations or spy on your customers. You have full ownership and control of your data.


Easy to install and use

Install the messenger on your website in minutes with our lightweight script.

Your customers' messages are sent to you as emails, which you can reply directly to.

Beautiful and powerful

The messenger is beautiful out-of-the-box, but also has extensive customization options.

Change the color, messenger text, launcher position, and more.


Unlike other customer support tools, we don't store your conversations or spy on your customers with unnecessary, invasive tracking.

With Letterbase, your customers get great customer service in an ethical, privacy-friendly manner.

Designed for busy startup founders

Spend less time and money doing customer support.

  • Solo founders

    As a one-person team, your time is invaluable.

    Don't waste it by setting up, learning, and using an overly-complicated tool.

    Letterbase can be set up in minutes and integrates directly with your current workflow.

  • Bootstrapped startups

    As a bootstrapped startup, you have a limited amount of money.

    Don't pay for features you don't even use.

    Letterbase has simple, affordable pricing and saves you both time and money.

  • Early stage companies

    Are you still using a signup form or mailto link?

    Don't frustrate your customers by making it hard to contact you.

    Letterbase is the most convenient way for you to get feedback and support your customers.

Simple, affordable pricing

Sign up for a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Essential - Monthly
Billed monthly
  • Fast, lightweight messenger

  • Unlimited websites and conversations

  • Privacy-friendly — you own your data

  • Priority support

Essential - Annual
Billed as $84 yearly
22% off
  • Fast, lightweight messenger

  • Unlimited websites and conversations

  • Privacy-friendly — you own your data

  • Priority support


Why should I use Letterbase? Can't I just use a mailto link or a contact form?

No one uses mailto links or contact forms unless they absolutely have to. They're hard to find, and using them feels like you're just flinging your request into the abyss.

On the other hand, Letterbase makes it absurdly convenient and easy for your customers to contact you about anything—questions, feedback, bugs, etc.

Having Letterbase on your website shows your commitment towards providing fantastic customer service, and it's something that your customers will appreciate.

Why is Letterbase better than other tools like Intercom or Crisp?

Compared to other customer support tools, Letterbase is:

How are you more privacy-friendly than other tools?

Any messages sent with Letterbase are only handled until they are delivered. We don't store any of your conversations—instead, they're stored with the email provider you already use.

We also do not track your users in any way. In contrast, other tools track what pages specific users have visited or spy in real time on what your users do on your website. We believe these "features" are an invasion of your users' privacy, and we do not collect this kind of data.

To learn more about how other customer support tools invade your privacy, read our blog post.

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Simple, fast, and privacy-friendly customer support messenger