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Simple, no-fuss contact form widget

The easiest way for your customers to talk to you and give you feedback.

  • Lightweight and blazing fast

    Unlike other website widgets, Letterbase is lightweight and won't slow down your website.

  • Integrates with your workflow

    Talk to your customers by using what you're already familiar with: email. No need to learn and use a new tool.

  • Clean and privacy-friendly

    We don't track, advertise to, or spy on your customers. You have full ownership and control of your data.


Easy to install and use

Install the messenger on your website in minutes by copying and pasting our lightweight script.

You can then start receiving email messages from your customers, which you can reply directly to.

Powerful and customizable

The messenger is friendly and easy-to-use, and can be customized to match your brand.

You can configure the color, messenger text, launcher position, and more.

And more customization options are being released all the time.


Unlike other website messengers, we don't spy on your customers with invasive tracking. We simply forward the messages along to you.

We're GDPR and CCPA compliant and we don't use cookies, so no need to even put a cookie banner on your website.

Early adopter pricing

Sign up for a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Billed monthly
  • Fast, lightweight messenger

  • Privacy-friendly — you own your data

  • Customizable contact form

  • Priority support

“Letterbase puts user interaction right at hand when the user needs it most.

As a founder of a focused privacy service, it was important for me to adopt a user interaction system that cares as much about user privacy as I do.”

Chris Sotherden

Founder of NullBox


1. Why should I use Letterbase?

If you want to get more customers, you need to iterate quickly upon their feedback.

Letterbase helps you achieve this by making your feedback form easily accessible, no matter what page they're on.

It can also be used to talk to your website visitors and establish better connections with them.

Plus, having Letterbase on your website is a sign that you care about your customers. Trust us, they'll appreciate it.

2. How are you privacy-friendly?

With Letterbase, you have full ownership and control of your data. We don't sell your data, we don't advertise to you, and we don't share or collect data unless it's absolutely necessary.

To learn more about how other website messengers invade your privacy, read our blog post.

3. Do I need a credit card to try Letterbase?

You can try Letterbase for free for 14 days—no credit card required.

4. Why don't you have a free plan?

With Letterbase, you 100% own your data. This means we don't make money by selling your data to third parties. In order to keep Letterbase running, we have to ask for a small fee.

5. I still have a question!

You're a curious fellow—send us a message and we can answer any questions you have.

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Simple, fast, and privacy-friendly website messenger